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In developing PotePedia

PotePedia is one of our School’s dynamically developing and exciting digital curriculum development and training support project. The development we have started at the beginning of 2019 has provided the PotePedia system with proper infrastructure foundations in order to further support student training. The current rise in distance / digital education has brought these developments to the forefront, and PotePedia is doing a good service in providing huge digital storage capacity besides its advantages we already know.

A brief introduction to PotePedia can be found here.

Voluntary participation in the program provides an opportunity for our students to engage in digital education development, expand their professional knowledge, and contribute to creating one of the defining knowledge bases of future medical education.

Our School can reward the applicants for their professional content development work through a special public life scholarship. The amount of the public life scholarship is proportionate to the uploaded materials, which is coordinated by the UP MS Hungarian Student Council (HÖK).

Applications are continually accepted by filling out the online form:

  •  Name
  •  Email
  •  EHA/NEPTUN code
  •  subject preference (not compulsory)

Applicants can get more information about their questions related to the details of the program from the project coordinator (laszlo.fekete42@aok.pte.hu).


PotePedia is a digital project unique in Hungary initiated by the Medical School in Pécs, which is an up-to-date, online knowledge base and information network for medical training with the active involvement of students along with a high level of professional guidance and support.

The cloud-based structured database and software background enable our students to access through their digital devices 24/7 the continually expanding and updated learning materials that provide verified professional foundations.

A unique feature of this educational tool is that it connects the important information nodes of the learning materials to a digital knowledge network, so that the acquired knowledge is always reflected in the context and connections of the aspects of related branches of knowledge or medical practice. In everyday practice and use, this becomes available through a Wikipedia-like chain of content relationships, helping students develop their interdisciplinary knowledge and the in-depth foundation of their professional knowledge.

PotePedia aims to be an up-to-date, online education system that meets research results and professional guidelines, providing the synergy of competency-based education and student experience of knowledge acquisition support in the way and quality required by digitalisation for the Pécs medical training.

The project of the MS supporting the education raises the collaboration of instructors and students to a new level because our medics participating in the training and our highly knowledgeable professionals involved in their education participate in uploading, expanding and checking it from a professional aspect.

Therefore, we hope that PotePedia is also an initiative and project that builds and maintains a community, in which it is an honour to participate and a pleasure to see its everyday utilization.

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