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Pécs Music Society

Pécs Music Society

Pécs Music Society has since september 2010 been providing all students alternative entertainment from competitions to concerts.

Pécs Music Society (PMS) is an organisation consisting of international and hungarian students, aiming to create a common platform for musicians and music lovers. Founded in 2010 by international students studying medicine in Pécs, PMS achieved a huge success since then. Various events, including concerts, music masterclasses, musical quiz nights are organised by us. PMS is the host of the ’Open Mic’ nights on every second wednesday in term-time; an event that creates a permanent opportunity for hungarian and international musicians regardless of attending the university to perform and for music lovers to relax and have fun.

Our organisation’s foundation is our common interest in music. We welcome new members from every country, every faculty, every genre!

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PMS – Pécs Music Society.




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