End-of-semester signature

  • if the students completed the requirements (eg. attendance, activity during class, report making, paper, classroom tests, etc.) determined in the syllabus (or announced by the competent institute/clinic/department at the beginning of the academic year) they will gain the „end-of-semester signature”
    • this is an electronic entry in Neptun which means that in case of criterion requirements the subject becomes completed, in case of obligatory subjects the student can take the exam and in case of elective or optional subject a grade can be given
  • if the student does not meet the conditions determined in the syllabus the course director has the right to deny the end-of-semester signature: in this case the student cannot get a grade and cannot complete the subject in the given semester (signature = „blocked”)
  • the end-of-semester signature is valid only in the given semester
    • if the student has to register the subject again as a subject course then they have to gain the end-of-semester signature again
  • if the signature is blocked the student receives a Neptun message and an e-mail and their already registered exam within the given subject will be delete automatically – with complaints students can turn to the course director