Permit requiring or late course registration, course dropping

  • courses to be taken in a different language or major
  • deadline to submit the request to  RO: determined in the schedule of the academic year
  • you have to fill out and get the neccessary signatures (course director, etc.) on the relating forms (Request for booking a course in a different language or major), then submit to RO
  • testing the student’s language knowledge is in the authority of the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes in case of obligatory subjects
  • if the level of the student’s knowledge is not satisfactory according to the abovementioned department they may not register for the subject in the requested language even if the course director of the subject supports the request
  • the RO checks whether the student completed the prerequisites of the given course according to the curriculum of the language/major of the course to be registered
  • the student is obliged to take the exam in the course in the instruction language of the course
  • during the studies students can take up obligatory courses with a different language of instruction/ in a different major worth altogether max. 30 credits
  • courses registered in a different language of instruction are considered as courses registered in the original language when determining the tuition fee