• completing the midsemester requirements and also staying below the maximum extent of absences is a condition of gaining the end-of-semester signature
  • rules of accepting absences:
    • the student who has been absent from less than 15% of the classes of the course cannot be condemned for absence
    • whose absence was between 15 and 25% (for any reason), the course director decides on accepting the semester by examining the particular case
    • whose absence reaches 25% (for any reason, with or without a certified excuse) cannot be granted entry to exam
  • when counting the above described absences, the clinical block practice causing absence from the contact hours in the registered subjects in the given semester are considered as certified absence up to 14,3 % of the contact hours of the subject
  • the course director does not have the right to exempt a student partially or fully from attending classes of the registered course
  • exemption from attending classes may only be granted in the form of exam courses