1. registration and dropping of obligatory courses and criterion requirements in Neptun: the two weeks preceding the instruction period (registration period)
  2. registration and dropping of elective, optional subjects, criterion requirements and exam courses: the week before instruction period (last week of registration period) and the first week of instruction period
  • Registering for groups:
  • registration of the obligatory courses happens in three phases in Neptun:
    1. active students following their recommended curriculum (they have to have advantage during course registration) can register the courses into their own registered groups: until 8am Saturday of the first week of the registration period
    2. independently from the recommended curriculum everyone with active status can register to courses, but only in their own, registered group: from 8am Saturday of the first week of registration period until 8am Monday of the second week
    3. every active student can register to any course of any group depending on the free places: from 8am Monday of the second week of registration period until Wednesday midnight
  • the students’ registration for small-group classes (seminar / practice) is information for the course director, after that it is the course director’s authority to set the final groups.