Advice for the successful completion of subjects

  • for the sake of the successful studies we suggest the following:
    • it is important that you try to follow your recommended curriculum and complete every obligatory subject in the recommended semester in order to avoid losing a year and its consequences (registering a subject more than one time, losing your original group, losing one or more years, etc.)
    • in the registration period pay attention to registering all the neccessary obligatory courses in Neptun – you can spare yourself a lot of errands and worrying and the risk of losing a year
    • try to prepare to your classes and exams during the semester so you do not have to complete all the requirements in the last weeks of the instruction period
    • try to schedule your exam period in the most optimal way and divide your exams mostly for the beginning of the exam period, since in case you fail to complete any of them you will still have opportunity for the retake exam during the 7 week exam period – if you leave your exams to the very last weeks you risk that in case you need retake exam you will not have time or free exam place by then


 For further information please learn Annex 2. of the CSE for the „Special provisions pertaining to the Medical School”.